Labour Act, 11 of 2007

Purpose of the Act:

To give effect to the constitutional commitment to promote and maintain the welfare of the people of Namibia in Chapter 11 of the Constitution; and
to further a policy of labour relations conducive to economic growth, stability and
productivity by –

  • promoting an orderly system of free collective bargaining;
  • improving wages and conditions of employment;
  • advancing individuals who have been disadvantaged by past discriminatory
    laws and practices;
  • regulating the conditions of employment of all employees in Namibia without
    discrimination on grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed,
    or social or economic status, in particular ensuring equality of opportunity
    and terms of employment, maternity leave and job security for women;
  • promoting sound labour relations and fair employment practices by
    encouraging freedom of association, in particular, the formation of trade
    unions to protect workers’ rights and interests and the formation of employers’
  • setting minimum basic conditions of service for all employees;
  • ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees at work;
  • prohibiting, preventing and eliminating the abuse of child labour;
  • prohibiting, preventing and eliminating forced labour; and
    giving effect, if possible, to the conventions and recommendations of the
    International Labour Organisation.

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